Drone SAR for Lost Dogs UK was set up by founder, Graham Burton in 2017. Graham was a member of a lost dog group in West Wales, and as he had a drone, he used this to search for lost dogs in his local area. A year later, Graham heard about an older lady who had lost her dog. A drone pilot was asking for £600, a day, to search for her dog.

Graham has always believed that no one should make money from someone else’s pain. He contacted a few friends, who went out to search for this lady’s lost dog, for no charge. The dog was found safe and well, Drone SAR for Lost Dogs UK facebook group was founded.

The group has grown exponentially since 2017 and is seen as a leader in this style of dog search and rescue. Graham has also assisted in setting up a South African group, Drone SAR for Lost Dogs South Africa.

Drone SAR for Lost Dogs UK is a volunteer group, consisting of over 16,000 members, 800+ drone pilots, 1,000+ ground searchers and has helped reunite approximately 1,400 dogs with their owners.

“After 15-20 mins of flight, I spotted what I thought was the dog. So I had to run to the area that the drone was looking at. I landed the drone and went in after him”




How Does Drone SAR for lost dogs work?