Drone SAR for Lost Dogs UK is a volunteer organisation and there is no charge or cost for any of the work carried out. All equipment used in lost dog search and rescue is funded and maintained by each pilot and ground searcher.

The team attend multiple shows throughout the year to raise awareness of the group and has a number of sponsors, who provide funding for items such as high vis vests for pilots and ground searchers.

Drone SAR for Lost Dogs UK are fundraising to buy 4 thermal imaging cameras, at a cost of approx £10,000. These cameras, will expand our capabilities in finding peoples beloved missing pets. The thermal imaging cameras, which attach to the drones, are expensive but are an essential piece of equipment to
enable us in helping to find missing dogs in the woods, countryside and at night time.

Pilot, Francis Ballyntyne, is taking on the Half Marathon Des Sables in Peru in November 2019. It is a gruelling four day challenge, taking him through 120km of the Ica Desert in Peru. This challenge, is self supported, which means that he must carry all of his equipment.

“For this challenge, I’ve chosen to raise money for a cause close to my heart, Drone Search and Rescue for Lost Dogs UK – an organisation of volunteer drone pilots, across the UK, who help dog owners who have lost their dogs by getting an aerial view of the area.”

In May 2019, Shine, a 14 month old GSD went missing from residential training in Derbyshire. Despite the many efforts of multiple teams, Shine sadly passed away after an RTA. In August 2019, the fundraiser achieved enough to purchase the first thermal imaging camera. The camera is named Shine, in loving memory. Within 24 hours of its maiden flight, Shine was dispatched to assist with a lost dog in a dense wooded area.